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Prof. Dr. Alexander Bockmayr

Freie Universität Berlin
FB Mathematik + Informatik
Institut für Mathematik
Arnimallee 6
D-14195 Berlin-Dahlem
Phone: 030 - 838 75867
Secr.: 030 - 838 75866
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Mathematics in Life Sciences

The "Mathematics in Life Sciences" group of Prof. Bockmayr is working on mathematical and computational methods for problems in structural and systems biology. We are interested in mathematical theories and computational tools to study biological macromolecules, networks and systems. Our mathematical background is in discrete mathematics, optimization, and computational logic.

Visualisation of a Protein

Metabolic Networks: We are developing a new mathematical approach to the analysis of metabolic networks using a constraint-based description of the steady-state flux cone.

Gene Regulatorx Networks: A discrete modeling approach allows to develop feasible models that capture the qualitative behaviour of gene regulatory networks.

Crystallography: We are working on constraint-based methods for solving the phase problem in X-ray crystallography.


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