Summerschool Modelling of Mass and Energy Transport

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The summerschool will take place during the whole week from 10 October 2016 until 14 October 2016 at the Institute of Mathematics of FU Berlin.

General Information

This course will be presented by experts from numerical analysis, hydrogeology and groundwater consulting. In a world of increasing specialization, the ability to align competencies of different disciplines toward a common goal becomes a key advantage in meeting present and future challenges. We will cover the basics (the governing balance equations, their discretization and numerical solution), introduce some advanced topics (highly nonlinear problems), address commonly faced problems, their origins, and means to control them by a combination of lectures, computer exercises, project work, and, not to forget, coffee.

The course will be offered in two modules.

Course Content

The FEFLOW® simulation system will be used for the computational exercises.


The lectures will be given in English or German as appropriate.

Certificates, Fees, and Registration


Standard Lecture Credit for students (Seminar, 2 SWS, 5 credits) upon successfully completing and presenting the results of a project in Module 2.


Participants from Academia qualify for 50% 80% Academic Discount.

Students from a Berlin university (FU, TU, or HU) are admitted free of charge but are requested to pay a cash deposit of 50€ in the office of Ekaterina Engel. The deposit will be returned at the beginning of the course.


Students from a Berlin university (FU, TU, or HU) cannot register at the Campus Managemen on their own. Instead they should register in person in the office of Ekaterina Engel.

Limited Number of Participants

The total number of participants will be restricted to 24 to ensure an effective learning environment, in particular during the practical exercises. Of the 24 seats, twelve will be reserved for student participants.


Freie Universität Berlin
Fachbereich Mathematik und Informatik
Room SR 25/26
Arnimallee 6
14195 Berlin, Germany

Subway (U-Bahn): Dahlem Dorf station
X83 Bus line: Arnimallee bus stop


Ekaterina Engel ekaterina.engel[at] Arnimallee 6, Room 131 and 141