Seminar: Variational Methods in Numerics


Seminar Thu, 12-14h Arnimallee 6, SR 031


Knowledge from the introductory lectures on linear algebra, analysis and numerics is required. This seminar complements this semester's lecture Numerics III. It is not necessary to attend the lecture Numerics III in order to successfully participate in this seminar.

The seminar will address several aspects of functional analysis. All required basics will be provided during the course of the seminar. In particular, it is not necessary to have attended any lecture on functional analysis.

Organizational Matters


Date Title Speaker
12.05. Introductory Talk C. Gräser
19.05. Fundamental Lemma of Calculus of Variations A. Peiraviminaei
26.05. Elliptic Partial Differential Equations M. Schaefer
09.06. Projections W. Soumpasis
16.06. Constrained Optimization and KKT Conditions B. Tasnádi
23.06. Variational Inequalities M. Kusche
tba Stable Discretization of Saddle Point Problems: The Continuous Problem L. Polthier
tba Stable Discretization of Saddle Point Problems: Discretization M. Yeghaneh Abkenar
tba Subspace Corrections A. Peiraviminaei



Prof. Dr. Carsten Gräser Arnimallee 6, Room 121
consultation-hour: Mon, 11:00-12:00
Tobias Kies Arnimallee 9, Room 009
consultation-hour: on request