Numerics IV (Advanced finite element techniques)



Lecture Thu, 10-12h Arnimallee 6, SR 009
Tutorial Thu, 12-14h Arnimallee 3, SR 130

General Information


The lecture will discuss advanced aspects of finite element (FE) discretizations for partial differential equation. This incorporates theoretical aspects as well as implementation aspects. On the theoretical side we will e.g. discuss discontinuous Galerkin methods which, among other advantages, allow for highly efficient higher order methods. Another aspects will be C1 finite elements for fourth order problems. On the practical side we will discuss the impelemntation of finite elements in C++. We will cover some basics of C++, prototypical implementations, and finally introduce into the modern FE library Dune.

Target Audience

This lecture is based on the course "Numerical methods for partial differential equations (Numerik III)". It is intended to broaden the way towards a master thesis in the field of computational PDEs.


Participants should have some knowledge about PDEs and their numerical approximation by finite elements as provided, e.g., by the course on "Numerical methods for partial differential equations (Numerik III)". Computer Science students interested in numerical software develpoment with C++ are also welcome.


All participants should register at the KVV, so that we know who is participating. The overall number of participants is also necessary to justify the equipment of the course. In addition, depending on your program of study, you have to register in the Campus Management.

Exercises and Criteria for a Certificate


There will be an oral exam at the end of the semester.

Criteria for the Certificate

Necessary and sufficient for a certificate are:

Certificates are graded according to the result of the exam.




Prof. Dr. Carsten Gräser Arnimallee 6, Room 121