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Scientific Research

A brief overview of our scientific research groups:


Mathematics in Life Sciences

Prof. Dr. A. Bockmayr

The "Mathematics in Life Sciences" group of Prof. Bockmayr is working on mathematical and computational methods for problems in structural and systems biology. read more...>>

Computational Proteomics

Dr. T. Conrad

Proteomics is a relatively young discipline dealing with the complicated protein mixture in each part of the human or animal body. read more...>>

Computational Stochastics

Prof Dr. C. Hartmann

The modelling of real-world processes from biology, physics or engineering often leads to high-dimensional differential equations with a huge range of spatial and temporal scales. Our research group develops computational methods for the analysis of such multiscale dynamical systems. read more...>>

Numerics of Partial Differential Equations in Numerical Fluid Mechanics

Prof. Dr. V. John

The group develops and studies numerical methods for problems from Computational Fluid Dynamics, in particular convection-dominate problems, turbulent flows, and population balance systems. read more...>>

Numerics of Partial Differential Equations

Prof. Dr. R. Kornhuber

The “Numerics of Partial Differential Equations” group develops fast and robust algorithms for linear and nonlinear, and in particular nonsmooth partial differential equations. read more...>>

Geophysical Fluid Dynamics

Prof. Dr. R. Klein

Climate Modeling:
Today's Earth System Analysis and Climate Research depend on computer simulation as one of their main research tools. read more...>>

Computational Molecular Biology

Dr. F. Noe

Biological macromolecules, such as proteins and nucleic acids, are the basic building blocks of life. Their dynamic motions and interactions are essential for all biological processes, including respiration, digestion and muscle motion. read more...>>

Discrete Biomathematics

Prof. Dr. H. Siebert

Mathematics, by its universal nature, is nowadays intertwined with a wide variety of disciplines, such as physics, economics, social or life sciences. Phrasing a problem in rigorous mathematical terms often allows for a high-level understanding and opens the way for structured analysis. read more...>>


Prof. Dr. C. Schütte

The biocomputing group develops mathematical methods for analyzing complex systems. The focus lies on molecular systems with biological function. read more...>>

Mathematische Geometrieverarbeitung

Prof. Dr. K. Polthier

We analyze digital geometric shapes and develop a broad spectrum of new mathematical concepts in discrete and continuous differential geometry, numerical optimization, and mathematical visualization. read more...>>


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