Seminar: Numerical Methods for Geometric PDEs



Seminar Thu, 12-14h Arnimallee 7, SR E.31


The mathematical description of many physical phenomena naturally leads to nonlinear partial differential equations (PDEs). In this seminar will discuss the numerical treatment of geometrical PDEs and related nonlinear PDEs with applications to, e.g., biology.

Target Audience

Advanced students in the Master Program Mathematics and of BMS. Various possible topics for a Master thesis will come up during this seminar. Why the seminar accompanies the lecture Numerics IV on nonlinear PDEs it is also possible to only participate at the seminar but not at the lecture.


Basic knowledge on partial differential equations and their numerical solution (e.g. Numerics III).

Organizational Matters


Date Title Speaker
27.10. Basics of Geometric Analysis
03.11. Basics of Geometric Analysis II
17.11. Discretization of Parametric Mean Curvature Flow
01.12. Discretization of Level Set Mean Curvature Flow Stewart N.
12.01. Phase Field Mean Curvature Flow Steve L.
19.01. Capillary Surfaces Amir P.
09.02. Willmore Flow Marius K.
Basics of Anisotropy



Prof. Dr. Carsten Gräser Arnimallee 6, Room 121
consultation-hour: Mon 11:00-12:00
Tobias Kies Arnimallee 9, Room 009
consultation-hour: on request