Numerics IV: Numerical methods for nonlinear partial differential equations



Lecture Thu, 14-16h Arnimallee 6, SR 007/008
Tutorial Tue, 14-16h Takustr. 9, 049
Exam Thu, Feb 16th, 14-16h Arnimallee 6, SR 007/008
2nd Exam Thu, Mar 30th, 14-16h Arnimallee 6, SR 025/026

General Information


The mathematical description of many physical phenomena naturally leads to nonlinear partial differential equations. While, in some cases, these are commonly approximated by linear equations (e.g., heat flow), this is often not possible, because the structure of the problem if far from being linear.

In this lecture we will consider various aspects of nonlinear partial differential equations. On the one hand we will discuss mathematical modelling and analytical questions. On the other hand we will introduce basic numerical methods for such problems, ranging from discretization to efficient iterative methods.

The problems considered will, e.g., cover applications form material science (phase field models), and bio-mechanics.

Target Audience

Advanced students in the Master Program Mathematics and of BMS. Various possible topics for a Master thesis will come up during this course.


Basic knowledge on partial differential equations and their numerical solution (e.g. Numerics III).


All participants should register at the KVV, so that we know who is participating. The overall number of participants is also necessary to justify the equipment of the course. In addition, depending on your program of study, you have to register in the Campus Management.

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