MATHEON FU Berlin TU Berlin
MATHEON - Project G8

Computer-Oriented Mathematics


Project Heads:

Ralf Kornhuber (FU Berlin)
Ulrich Kortenkamp (TU Berlin)
Rolf Möhring (TU Berlin)
Christof Schütte (FU Berlin)

Further Members:

Andreas Fest (FU Berlin)

Funding period:




This project is devoted to fundamental concepts of scientific computing at the crossover from school to university. The goal of this project is to develop a book titled 'Introduction to computer-oriented mathematics' together with an associated web version. The main issues concern - striking examples bridging the gap between accessibility for first semester students of and the flavour of real-world applications - web-based, illustrative material, some of these interactive. A companion project not funded by Matheon will provide a corresponding e-learning unit.

A similar initiative has been taken at TU Berlin, but more into the Computer Science direction. The course at TU replaces the first two semesters in computer science for first year students of mathematics, business mathematics, and industrial mathematics. It is a combination of computer science concepts with rigorous mathematical proofs and an intensive programming course in Java. The course maintains a web based repository of teaching units and accompanying material, see

Accompanying Project:

Development of a eLearning unit on Computer-Orientated Mathematics funded by Center for Digital Systems (CeDis) of FU Berlin. Members: Christine Gräfe, Felix Franke.


R. Kornhuber, C. Schütte, A. Fest: Mit Zahlen Rechnen. Manuskript.
R. Möhring: Computerorientierte Mathematik I. Manuskript
R. Möhring: Computerorientierte Mathematik II. Manuskript


F. Franke, C. Gräfe, R. Kornhuber, C. Schütte, H. Siebert: CoMa. eLearning unit.


C. Gräfe, F. Franke, C. Schütte, R. Kornhuber, A. Siebert, H. Bröckelmann, J. Kaltenbaek: Teaching computer-oriented mathematics in an enjoyable way. Math ML & Scientific e-Contents, Oslo, 13-15 June 06