Fast solvers for nonsmooth PDEs



Lecture Thu, 10:15 - 11:45 Takustraße 9, SR 049
Tutorial Thu, 12:15 - 13:45 Arnimallee 3, SR 210
Oral examinations tba Arnimallee 6, R 121

General information


Nonsmooth partial differential equations arise as mathematical models for many physical processes, e.g., as mathematical descriptions of the separation of alloys, fluids in porous media, multi phase flow, contact problems for elastic bodies, and many more. The lack of smoothness makes the numerical solution of such problems challenging because classical nonlinear schemes are in general not applicable.

During the lecture we will introduce problems arising from several applications and present robust and efficient numerical methods for their numerical solution. To this end we will use techniques from convex analysis, nonsmooth optimization, and multigrid and domain decomposition ideas.

Target Audience

Students of Bachelor and Master courses in Mathematics and of BMS



All participants should register at the KVV, so that we know who is participating. The overall number of participants is also necessary to justify the equipment of the course. In addition, depending on your program of study, you have to register in the Campus Management. Please be aware of the deadlines for binding registration in the Campus Management.

Exercises and Criteria for a Certificate


The tutorial offers the possibility to discuss and better understand the presented material and exercises. Furthermore solutions of exercises are presented by the students.



There will be oral examinations in the last week of the lecture time. The schedule for the examination will be announced in the lecture.

Criteria for the Certificate

Certificates are graded according to the result of the oral exam.

Exercise sheets

Accompanying Material

There will be a list of topics and important results for each lecture available here


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Prof. Dr. Carsten Gräser Arnimallee 6, Raum 121
Office hour: Tue 14:00-15:00